The mother - no need to say more.


* 12.03.1954    † 03.01.2004

If you see the stars tonight, you will find
that they are bright, because I life on one of them
and I smile down from one of them.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


In the morning of 3rd january 2004 you left our lifes completely all of a sudden.

Being in a state of shock, we were confronted with mourning and pain,
no combination of words can describe and I never had to face myself with before.
There aren't sufficient tears to overcome this pain.

I know that god had a very good reason, taking you back to him,
when such a lovely human, never doing, saying or thinking anything bad
is pulled out of our middle in not nearly enough ages.

I was scared of the day you had to leave us for all my life -
I never imagined, how horrible suddenly it should happen
and that it would initiate the darkest space in my life.

I pray that there's heaven where you can feel
our untiringly love absorbed in thoguths of you.
Looking foreward to seeing you again some day.